Frequently Asked Questions

What does consignment mean?

  • Consignment is us helping you sell your item on your behalf.


Why are there multiple different prices on the same size?

  • All of our items are all listed by individual sellers undercutting each other to sell at reasonable and competitive prices. All shoes are dead stock and brand new regardless of price differences.


Are all of our items authentic?

  • Yes all our items are 100% authentic. Our Consignment stock is thoroughly checked on arrival by our experienced team through stitching / colour / box / size & product label / deep uv light checks, with many years experience and can tell the difference between a legit & fake. We now offer authenticity checks and NFC Smart tags if you desire having something authenticated.  


     Do you except returns / exchanges?

    • All sales are final. We don’t accept returns or exchanges unfortunately as we work solely as an agent for our consigners, helping to sell their items for them. This means, once you purchase something from us, you have bought it off an individual seller and they have received payment. 


    Do you ship internationally?

    • Yes, we do ship internationally. We do not ship items with batteries / lighters outside of the U.K.